Save Money On Your Next Cruise

Save Money On Your Next Cruise

It isn’t easy to save money nowadays. It isn’t quite that easy to take vacations either, but when you do you don’t want to feel constricted. I know what you are going through and this is what I had to do. I booked a cruise in May of 2012 back when they were a little cheaper. I knew it would cost a nice little chunk to get tickets, but what I didn’t factor in was the price of alcohol.

You see I chose the Royal Caribbean Cruise to go on and let me tell you I was so surprised. I went to the bar and I order vodka and it cost nearly 80 dollars. I promised myself the next I wanted to go on a cruise I would try to hide my alcohol or even sneak the alcohol on the cruise. You see sneak booze isn’t like trying to bring alcohol in a concert, it takes skill! I learned from this site exactly the process and it worked. I used what they call flasks and it worked great!

Check them out in the future if you are trying to save a buck or two. Again this is just my two cents and on the next blog I’ll talk about alcohol placement and how to get past security. Until then have a good night!

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Enjoying your sneaked drink on board

Have you ever tried sneaking liquor into a place where it is prohibited? This is usually a very delicate and risky affair. said that many people do it generally to enjoy their favorite drinks or just for the thrill. For whatever reason you may want to sneak alcohol into a place, you must watch out for the red flags. These include increased security, thorough checking of suspicious items that may resemble liquor bottles and searches. However, the question remains how to get your booze and better yet not being caught in possession of booze. This is always a tricky matter considering the risk involved in sneaking alcohol into a cruise ship.

How to sneak the booze

You can choose to either hide the booze in your luggage or on your body. You should know what is coming if you are going to hide liquor in your luggage. You can easily sneak booze in your luggage by using the rumrunner flasks. This makes it easy on how to sneak alcohol on a royal Caribbean cruise because they can be easily concealed in your suitcase. They are strong and do not run the risk of being punctured while inside the case. You can carry up to 1 liter of liquor depending on the kind of flask you have. The safety cap on the flask ensures that your drink does not spill, as protects the items contained in the suitcase. The main aim of using this method is to prevent suspicion of any kind that you are actually carrying liquor.

Another great technique to adopt is the booze or beer belly. This method entails a person wearing a silicon or rubber flask around the belly area. It works just like a belt, only that you will look like you have a belly. This is one of the most brilliant and effective methods on how to sneak booze on a cruise on your body. You will not lose your liquor because it is very subtle and does not raise suspicion. The booze belly even allows you to pour drinks while still wearing it. However, it is advised that you do not use the beer belly in the public eye for obvious reasons. With this piece of equipment, there is not chance that you will be caught. It blends in with the body and the surrounding thus no need to worry.

Prevent anything that could go wrong

As you explore the different methods of sneaking liquor, it is important to choose a technique you can handle. Ensure that the method you use is easy to use as well as maneuver. Ensure that you are in control and your composure tells a lot about you and your confidence. In addition, it is important to note to never raise suspicion on yourself. This could cost you all the hard work of finding out how to sneak liquor on a cruise and implementing the chosen technique. In addition, how you behave wile on board matters a lot. It is not enough to pass through security. It is rather how you conduct yourself while having your drink. Cruise liners take very seriously misconduct while on-board.

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Carribean Cruise Tips to Saving Money on Alcohol

Enjoying your sneaked booze responsibly

Drinking alcohol is something many people all over the world enjoys doing. However, there are situations that do not allow you to enjoy your favorite drink. It is mainly because of being prohibited or restrictions on bringing your own alcohol. One of the establishments with very strict measures on brining your own alcohol is cruise liners. However as it is nature, people always find ingenious methods of sneaking booze. Easily learn how to sneak booze on a cruise ship There are all sorts of methods to answer the question how to sneak booze on a cruise.

How do you do it?

The first point to note is that the method you choose should be easy for you to execute. You can venture into the classic water bottle. However, this is not your ordinary trick. It is safe, effective and foolproof. Cruise liners do not reject people carrying bottled water. What you do is get a six-pack of water and make small holes at the bottom with a hot object. This how to conceal booze method entails refilling your favorite clear alcoholic drink through the holes and use the same plastic to seal the holes. This is not suspicious because the seal is not tampered. In addition, no security agent will look at the bottom of your bottle. This enables you to breeze through security with your alcohol, warranting you a great time during the cruise.

Get Drunk!!!

Another brilliant method for sneaking booze unrecognizably is by using a hollow cane. The hollow cane is a plastic cane looking structure but is a flask in the middle. The handle is the lid and all you have to do is open it and fill your favorite drink. This method is brilliantly effective for all kinds of alcohol including crème’s and dark liquors. This method favors the darker varieties of liquor and proves to be very successful as you look on how to sneak booze on a cruise. This method enables you to pass freely through the security checks and no suspicions. The bottom of the hollow cane serves as a small release valve and a safety cap to prevent leakages and make it look innocent. Since this procedure does not accommodate large volumes of alcohol, it is suitable for small drinkers, who just want to have a little alcohol in their coffee or just casual drinking. This is one of the best methods.

It’s better to be safe than sorry

One thing to keep in mind always is as you go through the trouble of sneaking booze; your behavior must be always ‘sober’. You must ensure that when inside the cruise, you must be careful to avoid being caught. Just because you passed through security without trouble means, you are out of the storm. You must ensure proper conduct at all times. Misconduct beats the whole purpose of finding out how to get booze on a plane/sporting event. It will also beat the purpose of going on a cruise if you will get drunk silly. Even as you enjoy your sneaked alcohol, have a straight head and always know where you are. Such simple things keep you aloof from suspicion and allow you to enjoy two things at one go.

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